You Know Me?

Saturday 31 January 2009 t/m Sunday 15 February 2009

You Know Me?

Noordkaap shows a selection of Filippo Minelli's urban interventions. We also invited Filippo to realize a site-specific work.

Join us for diner + opening Saturday the 31st of January, 19h30

The 10th of February you are welcome to join us at the Nacht van het Wildplakken (night of postering the streets)

Filippo Minelli:

Nacht van het Wildplakken:


You Know Me?

Over persoonlijke boodschappen achter gelaten in de publieke ruimte.

In "You Know Me?" tref je, naast een selectie foto's van Minelli, een verzameling literatuur, en inspiratiemodellen over oude en nieuwe vormen van straatkunst. Het Dordtse beleid op het gebied van wildplakken en het creëren van vrije plakplaatsen krijgt in de projectruimte extra aandacht.

De tentoonstelling is te zien vanaf zaterdag avond 31 januari t/m 15 februari en is een samenwerking van Noordkaap en het Werkstatt Collectief.

About Filippo Minelli

Minelli, born in Brescia-Italy in 1983, is a conceptual-artist with a graffiti-background who dedicated the last 10 years to urban communication, in the direction of the first steps of the international street-art movement, becoming a pioneer for Italy. The beginning of Minelli's production is almost spontaneous, he is the Steinbech boy who wants to leave a trace of his existence. Not only words, sentences, searched and wanted non-senses, but also drawings, nearly tales. The next steps take him to extreme and provokingly productions, changing the aestethic of conventional graffiti: not anymore a logo or an inscription serially repeated, but site-specific artworks, contextualized with the location.

His research forces him to think about the city, and the relation between the new ecosystem and people and right now his productions are published by the most known art and design vanguard-magazines.

Text derivated by the sources / Testo ricavato dalle fonti: ArteIn, anno xx n°108 - Mauro Corradini, Bresciaoggi, 7 giugno 2007 -Giovanna Galli, StileArte n°116

Wooster Collictive, NY:


Parkeerplaatsenproblematiek in de Voorstraat Noord

Kunstenaars: Filippo Minelli.


"Death.", captionile sewed on construction-site, projectspace Noordkaap Photo: Filippo Minelli

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