Dus Niet Brommen

Friday May 10, 2013 till Sunday May 12, 2013

A scooter expedition along the most idyllic hangouts of Dordrecht

No scooters allowed? Bring on the scooters! In collaboration with the Amsterdam collective Volle Band, Noordkaap developed a unique scooter expedition through Dordrecht's city center for the Urban Explorers Festival.

In their role as tour guides, Dordrecht youth took the audience on the back of their scooter to experience the city in a different way. A predetermined route took them along favorite hangouts in the old city center. Places that tourists or other visitors to the city normally wouldn't go to, and certainly not on such a despised vehicle as a (souped-up) scooter. With this expedition NK wanted to make the experiences of young people accessible to the festival audience, and let them experience a little bit of the brutal tension that you experience when you move through public space as part of a group. As Dordrecht host/hostess, the youth took visitors they'd never met before on the back of their scooter. A fairly intimate experience for both parties. Handing yourself over to scooter youth, not knowing where you're going, grappling to hang in there when turning a corner or on the roundabout, makes for quite an intense experience. The Amsterdam-based art collective Volle Band was asked to develop an audio play for the scooter tour. They created a surreal, enticing soundscape, with recurring elements such as traffic regulations and other traffic signs in public space. Hence the title "No Scooters Allowed", which refers to the often used phrase that prohibits scooters from entering certain parts of town. This expedition did go through alleys and across the gravel. And the participating scooters became so much more than annoying, ripping vehicles. Volle Band turned them into musical instruments to form their composition. 

Artists: Volle Band.

images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_32_1.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_15.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_16.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_20.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_24.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_26.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_29.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_35.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_36.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_42.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_45.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_52.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_56.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_58.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_59.jpg images/Roel_Weenink_Niet_Brommen_Noordkaap2013_69.jpg