The Original Scotch Tape

Friday 19 February 2010

Op 19 februari presenteerde de Dordtse band Scotch hun nieuwe album Montana Beach in poppodium Bibelot.

In de DIY markt van Noordkaap kon men ter plekke een Original Scotch Tape kopieeren van de nieuwe Scotch CD Montana Beach via een lo-fi cassettedeckmodulair.

Montana Beach

Montana Beach is a desolate place at the banks of the Merwede River. The name is derived from the old metal factory Montan Steel, right across the street. Following a long life the factory lost its purpose and was closed down. Laborers moved away and the machines were sold. The once so glorious building suffered from decay and slowly faded away into oblivion. After years of vacancy the Montan factory was rediscovered and empty spaces again became occupied. Scotch settled in the old factory and made a home of this characteristic location. Nowadays the building has been taken down. All that is left is a wide open ground. After a short revitalization Montan now definitive belongs to the past.

The album is a collection of impressions and adventures gathered from this era. April 2006 – July 2008.

Fago, 2009

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