Tuesday 21 June 2011 t/m Wednesday 22 June 2011

21.06.11 Mit Noordkaap und Gästen von 16-24 Uhr an der Isar. Eine Aktion von Daan den Houter (Rotterdam) im Rahmen der Austellung Adios Holanda, München

We really had so much rain the last few days here in Munich, that we almost got a little depressed. Happily, the weather forecast for tomorrow is good. To celebrate the return of the sun, we' d like to invite you all to have something to eat and drink with us at the Riessenkunstlerstammtisch of Daan den Houter at the Isar tuesday  from 16-24h (at the map, you‘ll find the exact location). 

Off course, your friends can come too. The more people the better.  Only one thing; please bring something to eat and drink with you (meat, salad, beer, wine et cetera). The Dutch government doesn‘ t want to spend too much money on art these days, so we have to watch our wallet. Hope to see you all tomorrow!  

The Riessenkünstler Stammtisch is part of Noordkaaps Adios Holanda exhibition, that opens at the whiteBOX next friday (24-06-2011). Adios Holanda investigates the rise of populism in Europe, and in Munich contains work of:

Hans van den Ban (Amsterdam), Johannes Brechter (Munich), Nada van dalen (Dordrecht), Fabian Hesse (Munich), Daan den Houter (Rotterdam), Tassilo Letzel (Munich), Tirzo Martha (Curaçao), Filippo Minelli (Brescia), Federico d' Orazio (' s Hertogenbosch/Bangkok), Abner Preis (Rotterdam), REMOTEWORDS (Cologne), Yvo van der Vat (Dordrecht), Extrapool: Anna McCarthy (Munich) and Rumpeln (Munich). 

Kunstenaars: Daan den Houter.


Isar, München