Piotr Kurek and Ivette Mrova Zub

Saturday 17 September 2011

Saturday evening we invite you for two special sound performances at the Istanbul Mimar Sinar University of Fine Arts by Piotr Kurek and Ivette 'Mrova' Zub. This Audiotoop by Extrapool from Nijmegen (NL) is the launch of our project in Istanbul.

Open: 19:30-23:00 o'clock

Free entrance

Location: Mimar Sinan Güzel Unversity of Fine Arts Meclisi Mebusan Caddesi nr. 24 Istanbul/ FindikliTram: Tophane Just a 5 minutes walk from Istanbul Modern and the Istanbul Biennal

Piotr Kurek

Kurek's radio play will consist of a graphic composition focusing on the elections of Polish political parties. Kurek is a musician, performer and enthusiastic collector of instruments and vintage studio equipment. He's the author of various theater pieces and contemporary dance performances. With their highly instrumental character, his fascinating, poetic and sometimes surreal electro-acoustic compositions are capable of telling beautiful stories.

Ivette ‘Mrova’ Zub

 Mrova works as a social researcher and designer. In her artistic practice she focuses on mediation in social and political issues, leaving space for reflection as an antidote for mass media.Her current artistic research focuses on documentary forms of representation, and strategies of the deconstruction of power, by highlighting hidden or repressed memories and fragmentary archives.For Audiotoop Istanbul, she composed an audio play (soundscape) in which she investigates rules and constraints in relation to the migrants who try to flee to Europe, through 'schizogeographic' sounds; soundrecordings of the border region, monitoring radios, and personal stories of both immigrants and activists, among other.


The independent Dutch art initiative Extrapool from Nijmegen joins two cities of our European tour (Munich and Istanbul). They invite sound artists to produce live radio plays on the spot as part of their series ‘Audiotoop’. For Istanbul the curators Maria Guggenbichler en Lieke Wouters from Extrapool selected Piotr Kurek and Ivette Mrova Zub.

Special thanks to the Mimar Sinar University of Fine Arts

Kunstenaars: Ivette ‘Mrova’ Zub en Extrapool: Piotr Kurek.


Piotr Kurek live Audiotoop, Meclis-I Mebusan Istanbul, 17 september 2011

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