Being Iris

Friday 6 March 2009 t/m Sunday 29 March 2009

“At first glance the sculptures of Iris Roskam (Delft, 1976) seem perfectly innocent, but a closer look reveals their crude origins. Like all glass and ceramic objects they are born out of fire. Their attractive, colourful surfaces are the result of chemical mutilations.” Marinus de Ruiter

‘Being Iris’ presented:

Eat Me, Silver Thread and Golden Needles, Jaro, Ludwig, Mother of pearl, Hope faith love, True love real pain, Ice queen, Florence II, Snow White Glass, Licitar II, Little Mermaid, Repent, Stand by your man (Love), Stand by your man (Lust), Stand by your man (Hurt), Leto, Licitar I, Beauty Queen

All pictures made at the exhibition at Noordkaap, by Jean Michel van Braak


Iris Roskam (Delft, 1976) is glasblazer en keramist. Zij maakt popsurrealistische iconen die verwijzen naar stripwerelden, computergames en tattoo kunst. Haar golden bunny's en zoete zeemeerminnen zijn vaak getooid met religieuze ornamenten.

Iris Roskam:

Pop Surrealisme/ New Brow

The work of IRIS can be placed in the underground visual art movement that arose in the Los Angeles, California, area in the late 1970s. Lowbrow, later referred to as Pop Surrrealisme, is a widespread populist art movement with origins in the underground comix world, punk music, hot-rod street culture, videogames, tattoo art and other subcultures.

Some of the first artists to create what came to be known as lowbrow art were underground cartoonists like Robert Williams and Gary Panter. Early shows were in alternative galleries in New York and Los Angeles such as Psychedelic Solutions Gallery in Greenwich Village, New York City run by Jacaeber Kastor, La Luz de Jesus run by Billy Shire and Zero One gallery in Hollywood, run by John Pochna. The lowbrow magazine Juxtapoz by has been a mainstay of writing on lowbrow art and has helped direct and grow the movement.


Opening 6 Maart

The opening of Iris Roskam's show took place fridayevening the 6th of March.

With an intro by art historican Marinus de Ruiter.

Russian Lo-fi and party Balkan beats with DJ's Dragan Striskovic and JM Leupen.

A whole lot of Arno Coenen's Eurotrash Lady (15%)

And Dennis de Slager, served fresh pig meet.

Celebrating hope, faith, hate, love, devotion and respect!

Martin C de Waal

Kunst?! Being Iris in Noordkaap Dordrecht. Martin C de Waal (MVS Gaystation TV) interviewt Iris over haar overzichtstentoonstelling in Noordkaap. Ook met Arno Coenen.



MVS Gaystation:


Overzicht van de Zilvere Kamer “True love, real pain”, 2007, geflocked keramiek “Ice queen”, 2005, keramiek “Florence II”, 2008, glas “Snow White Glass”, 2005, glas “Licitar II”, 2008, glas “Little Mermaid”, 2005 “Repent”, 2007, spiegel foto: Jean Michel van Braak

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