Faxlore, Eva La Cour & Douglas Paulson

Friday 29 May 2009 t/m Sunday 14 June 2009

A project by Eva La Cour (Copenhagen) in collaboration with Douglas Paulson (New York) evolved during their residency at Noordkaap in May 2009.

Faxlore explored social conditions among everyday life of working men and women in times of recession, crises and change.

A low-tech object moved trough the city and produced flyers and news-headlines in the streets of Dordrecht. Passangers could contribute, discus and produce statements reflecting on present working conditions, growing precariousness, discourses on economics and its implications on everyday life. The streetmade messages were directly faxed to an oldskool Mother Fax located at Noordkaap.

Other faxes were send in by artists from all over the world.

Faxlore of the Mobile Office

Ever since the possibilities of producing and distributing information has changed and radically increased the amount of information, news and advertisements. This fact, based on technological developments and common access to internet, has changed our entire relation to, and understanding of, the world as a global versus a local place. With this in mind La Cour makes an irrational office workshop, which pivotal point is an old-school fax machine. The Faxlore is interested in taking unusual action and wants to question the ownership over public space, common work and dicourse.

The Faxlore is thought as a social intervention that produces marks of a specific place at a certain time and provides site-related experiences. Though as the mobile office moves of the city of Dordrecht an ongoing exploration of the mobile office workshop itself is at play. It is a living idea and the performative elements will be recorded with video and audio, as we will continue to explore the idea and potential of the mobile office.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door

Stichting Doen

Programma Voorstraat Noord

Holster Kantoorverzorging

Kunstenaars: Eva La Cour.

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