De Nacht van het Wildplakken

Tuesday 10 February 2009

SOON AGAIN, keep a close watch on your email

Please join oir city trip. We gather at 20h. at Noordkaap's projectspace. Voorstraat 123in Dordrecht.

all black and white pictures made by: Jean Michel van Braak


Nacht van het Wildplakken wordt vervolgd...



Dordt by Night I

It became a wild night when we were aggressively intimidated by an owner of a sleezy night club, claiming the postering walls were his property.

Pictures made by Jean Michel van Braak

Dordt by Night II

You Know Me?

images/L1000611.JPG images/plakdocument-Dordt11.jpg images/Plakken-01.jpg images/Plakken-06.jpg images/Plakken-09_.jpg images/Plakken-11.jpg images/Plakken-14.jpg images/Plakken-15.jpg images/Plakken-23.jpg images/Plakken-27.jpg images/Plakken-36.jpg