Tom de Toys G&GN-Institut

1968, woont en werkt in Duesseldorf

Tom de Toys (author of the german book "MEHR JETZT" = "MORE NOW - CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM SYMBOLICITY TO PRESENTICITY") was born in Jülich (Germany) in 1968 and lived from 1997 til 2011 in Berlin. He published "Direct Poetry" (poetology of transreligious holEism) under several pseudonyms for more than two decades. Since 1989 he works actively both as a painter and as a performing artist for the philosophy of holEism.

In 1990 he founded the so-called G&GN-Institut für Ganz & GarNix ("Institute For Complete Nothing at All"). In 1994 he discovered the theory of E.S. ("Extended Sobriety") whereby authentic (i.e. fulfilled) love poetry can be politicised against the conventional misuse of the expression "love" (as in 95‰ of all fake love poems "longing" is meant indeed). In 2001 he invented QUANTUM POETRY which is world-premièred at the university of São Paulo (thanks to Goethe-Institut). Since 2012 De Toys lives in the district Eller Süd of Düsseldorf. In 2014 some chosen poetry works appeared as a trilogy (www.neurogermanistik.de).

FAZ 1997: "...the monster poet - mostly he works himself up into some kind of ecstasy: the pioneer of consciousness wants to overcome by means of his art any sort of religion..."

taz 1999: "...the one with his 'Unprovoked Appresence' whose essential message is eternal presence..."

Tom de Toys performed the openingsspeech for Noordkaap in Cologne, Jack in the Box 2012 and for the opening of Noordkaaps It Never Happened, Dordrecht 2014


Tom de Toys performing at 'Noordkaap in Cologne', Jack in The Box 2012

» http://poemie.jimdo.com/

Programma: It Never Happened en Noordkaap in Cologne.

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