Oliver Kunkel

1973, Woont en werkt in Keulen

An integral part of Noordkaap's nomadic exhibitions (2011-2012) is an exploratory research trip to every city of the EU tour. Assigning local artists to develop these trips allows us to expose specific channels and layers of the urban landscape to our audience and to ourselves. These trips, by bicycle, on foot or by public transportation, directly show  core examples of how the urban environment is changing, processes of city planning, ownership of the public domain, and (artistic) strategies on how to mine the city.

Nachtisch Tour

Noordkaap invited Cologne based artist, Oliver Kunkel, to develop a bicycle tour. Within his Nachtisch Tour, taking place on the 4th of February 2012, Kunkel integrates his expertise on survival skills for everyday life. Skills that turn out to be indispensable in the very near future, considering the global crisis on a growing number of levels; environmental, economical, political, and cultural. Kunkel guides the audience through these future ruins. Where grocery stores have shut down, where all banks finally imploded, and money is but a memory of the past. How to survive, how to keep life energy going, and above all: who are your friends and what's for dinner tonight?

Oliver Kunkel

Kunkel develops objects, installations, videos, and prints using different techniques and materials, often combined with each other. The chosen media depend on the concept or idea. Since 2001 the main themes in his work are: Science, entertainment, environments and space, creation of myths, biology and bionics, behaviour, dissemination of information (e.g. by news through every channel). As such, Kunkel creates works that are contently complex, and spread out in a real as well as virtual space. By consciously involving the viewers' reactions, he offers an opportunity for self-reflection, while pointing out the fragility of our pretentious security of civilization.

He studied at the Art Academy Düsseldorf, class of Rosemarie Trockel and he was student of Valie Export, Stahl Stenslie, Peter Zimmermann, Marcel Odenbach and Juergen Klauke at KHM (Media Art School) in Cologne. Oliver Kunkel had solo exhibtions at, amongst other: Artspace 7011.no in Arena Vestfossen (Norway, 2011), Young Artist Prize in Aachen, 2009 and Gallery Dieter Reitz Berlin, 2007. Group exhibitions in which he participated lately where Monty Artspace Antwerp, 2011, at the Poznan Biennale, Mediations 2010 in Poland, 2010 and New Talents at Landesvertretung NRW in Berlin, 2010.


Nachtisch Tour door Oliver Kunkel op 4 februari 2012 in Keulen

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Programma: Closing Part - Dordrecht, Noordkaap in Lisboa, Noordkaap in Cologne en Eigenaardig jongerenproject The Voice of Dordrecht.