Ogino Knauss is a collective active since 1995. Born as “mutant cinema laboratory”, acts during the years as a constant drift through audio visual languages and communication practices.

The short fiction film Box for Micro (1997) is the starting point for a research on experimental formats further developed in the hyperfilm project. Here, in search for a synthesis between the narrative potential of the editing process and the hypnotic mood of the rave experience, an editing toolbox of sequences is produced in order to be reassembled and played live, generating a continuously evolving plot. The group experiments with VJing techniques as a peculiar form of open narrative.

Ogino knauss leads a steady exploration of new spatial and creative contexts to confront with such as cultural centers, public spaces, temporary occupied zones, art galleries, festivals, dancefloors. The colletcive  develops its action at the crossing point between exploration of heterotopic spaces and exhibition of disclosing practices of the audiovisual device. Among many, ogi:no knauss collaborated or played live sessions with: Autechre, Autobam, Vladislav Delay, DJ Ultracore, Masami Akita & Zbigniew Karkowski, Otolab, OTK, Rich Medina, Terre Thaemlitz.

In more recent projects, the attention of the group focused on the globalizing urban landscape, applying image production techniques to the attempt to develop innovative listening and description practices about cultural urban processes. A fundamental step has been EUR–Extreme Urban Ratio (2001),  live-media set based on a critical drift through Florence and performed in several locations. EUR became the prototype for a cognitive spatial practice through digital media and performing acts. Further explorations have place in such locations as Riccione, Berlin, New York, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, La Habana, and many other.


Film still, Doble Forza, 2008

» http://www.oginoknauss.org/

Programma: It Never Happened .

Bladeren (36/53)

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