Marit Shalem

1971, woont en werkt in Rotterdam

Marit Shalem makes short experimental films. The scenarios refer to terms taken from the world of capital economy but also popular culture and literature. Drawings, paintings and objects are being made in and around these projects. The slightly rough edge and humorist style of the work enables the futuristic story develop into unexpected directions. It is Shalem’s intention to set deep rooted conceptions under a new light.

A great deal of the projects is realized under the name SpOp.

In april 2009 she presented 'Kboek-Round Production' at Noordkaap, part of her project 'Points for Production' an artistic research into aspects of work and production.

In 2014, her film 'Catch on a Datcha' was shown during NKTaxi/It Never Happened.


Enhance Dehance

» http://www.pointsforproduction.org/

Programma: NK TAXI, It Never Happened en Kboek-Round Production.

Bladeren (31/53)

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