Federico d'Orazio

1968 (Bologna/ Italy), lives and works in 's-Hertogenbosch and Bangkok

"I use whatever method to transmit my message. I point my antenna at the darker side of society to pick up the conditions of social and political malaise. In my multimedia provocations I pay attention to current events, chronicles, and large-scale social transformations."

"In my work, ethical questions and the risk of high voltage capture the viewer's attention. My installations are intended to function as social ‘statements’. My work exists through the interaction with the audience and current events. You can’t make a statement without being in the present. My work always establishes a relationship with the media. They go hand in hand, can’t do without each other because actuality is inextricably linked to the media. My work also conveys a message on an aesthetic level; through art I can express my ideas to the fullest. I only make statements and leave the rest up to the viewer."

To D'Orazio social engagement is directly connected to, and inseparable from being an artist. Art as such is not a remedy for social injustice, but serves as a manifesto, eye-catcher, or indictment. D'Orazio's work deals with contemporary obsessions in the hard, capitalist, and masculine society. Sensation is part of his work. He emphasized this once again when he participated in the Gala 'Strongest Artist of the Netherlands' (Super La Tief, May 2008). After a three week training in Pataya (Thailand), he bravely took on Christian Daghio in the fighting cage, a former world champion Muy Thai boxing.

d'Orazio studied at Liceo Artistico Statale, Dept. Architecture, Bologna (IT); Accademia di Belle Arti, Dept. Painting, Bologna; Academy for Fine Art and Design, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) and Post Academy Ateliers Arnhem (NL).



Programme: Closing Part - Dordrecht, Dangerous Dordrecht, Noordkaap in Cologne, The Voice of Dordrecht, Noordkaap in Munich, SUPER LA TIEF and (Before) Property.

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