Antje Feger / Benjamin F. Stumpf

Live and work in Hamburg

Antje Feger (1977, Lüneburg, DE) / Benjamin F. Stumpf (1976, Solingen, DE)

“In our work we engage in moments of daily life and the mental condition of society. Our interest in social questions and mysterious narration becomes tangible as a moment between a collective state and one’s own past. As artists we examine places and combine different aspects and material from previous research. The documents and observations are mostly rearranged in installations.“

Antje Feger and Benjamin F. Stumpf have studied Fine Arts at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (DE) and participated in the Independent Study Program at Maumaus, Escola des Artes Visuais in Lisbon, Portugal.

Their work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad for instance in the Open Museum by Baltic Raw at the Hamburger Kunsthalle (DE), 2012, Ve.Sch, Vienna (AT), 2011, Vejle Art Museum (DK), 2011, Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig (DE), 2010, centre d´art passarelle, Brest (FR), 2007 and Kunsthalle Kiel (DE), 2006. In 2011 they were also invited to the "Get a Desk" Project at 5533, a parallel event of the 12th Istanbul Biennial. They initiated projects like PUBLIC IDEA (2010) and KABIN (2011) in Istanbul. For their projects they have received several grants by different institutions like the Institut für Auslandbeziehungen, Stuttgart (DE), the Kulturstiftung Schleswig-Holstein, the ECOC 2010 Istanbul and were invited to artist in residencies in Linz (AT), Istanbul (TR) and Northern Germany.


Installation (approx. 2,50 m x 3,80 m), Lisbon, 2012
Mixed media

Based on the colonial exhibition in Porto, 1934, and the Exposição do Mundo Português in Lisbon, 1940, we researched in different archives the aesthetics and the self-representation and presentation of the colonies, during these exhibitions. Our main interest lied in the colonial perspective and the way of presenting the alien in Portugal.


Parc Otel, Istanbul 2010

Programma: Closing Part - Dordrecht en Noordkaap in Lisboa.